International Teachers

Since its inception 5 years ago, Capoeira India has been lucky enough to have been visited by some of the best and most well renowned Capoeiristas in the world; and we continue to be that fortunate. Here are their pictures.

To catch a glimpse of their skills, do search for them on Youtube; you will be amazed!

Mestre Esquilo - Cordao De Ouro Sete Lagoas (Brazil)

Mestre Chicote - Cordao De Ouro Paris

Baba with (from L to R) - Contra Mestre CuecaInstrutora Viuva Negra & Profesor Maculele - Cordao De Ouro Israel


Profesor Horrivel - Revivo - CDO Israel

Profesor Pinoquio - Cordao De Ouro Israel

Mestre Itapua Beiramar - Nestor Capoeira Rio De Janeiro

Profesor Piolho - Cordao De Ouro Paris