Batizado 2011  - Capoeira India's 5th Batizado

Every year the CDO family in India waits for it's biggest festival, The Batizado. This 'Batizado'  which literally means baptism in Portuguese is a ceremony in which every Capoeirista gets a chance to earn a belt based on his/her year's progress. The Batizado is structured like a performance; and we encourage family and friends to join us for the event. In true Brazilian style, the event is full of energy, fun and is a complete celebration of life.

To make our Batizados special, we invite several international Capoeira masters. This year, in our fifth year we roll out the red carpet for Mestre Edan ( CDO Israel ), Contra Mestre Cueca ( CDO Israel ) and Professor Tico Moraes ( CDO Russia )

During the event we will also schedule workshops with these teachers, which will give students an opportunity to delve deeper into the art of Capoeira and get insights from these practitioners who have dedicated their lives to teaching and spreading Capoeira.

The first year students receive a green belt or Cordão, as per Cordão De Ouro tradition. They get an opportunity to play in the Roda with a senior Capoeirista, which is like an initiation ceremony. This moment is special, and all Capoeiristas hold on to the memory of when and how they received their first cordão. Students who already have a green cordão, or any other higher level belt go through a Troca de Cordão (or belt change ceremony) which is also a part of the event.

So we invite all Capoeiristas in India, their friends and family members to witness a landmark achievement for Instrutor Baba and Centre for Capoeira India, as we celebrate 5 years of Capoeira in India. The journey only gets better from here on.

The date and venue for the Batizado are -

2nd December 2011 (Friday)  -  Children and Adult's Batizado & Troca de Cordao
Venue: Juhu Gymkhana, Juhu, Mumbai


Hello everyone!

The itinerary for the workshops leading up to the Batizado and after, is now confirmed. And boy do we have an exciting itinerary!! Just take a look at the pictures of the resort at Karjat and what has been planned for everyone! Abooom! -

Our Accommodation at Karjat!

The lawn outside the resort

This is the room where  the workshop will take place

And the Itinerary -
This is what we look forward to each year! Just the itinerary alone gets the blood pumping. The pictures just make us salivate in anticipation. So quickly contact Bombom to make your payments and confirm your space at the Batizado! Axé total!

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